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An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
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Health, Temperament & Longevity are #1 in this rattery!

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My name is Amanda.
Rats have been in my life for 18 wonderful years.

For those that don't want to do the math that's since 1998!
Since I have been enslaved by these small bundles of joy I have done a LOT of research on health, genetics, and basic rat care, as well as comparing their lives in the wild next to their lives as rulers over their humans, and I have tried to give them the BEST of both worlds, so that they will develop as sweet and well adjusted happy rats. We're always changing cages, and toys, and playtime toys/environment, so that the rats are never bored, and they develop the best they can.

No two pictures or visits here will ever look the same, as we continually switch things around to ensure that our lil rattie buddies are happy.

I carefully match up which parents will bring out the healthiest, best tempered babies.
Most of the time though my rats all have the best temperaments and are super healthy, so I will choose who will bring out the prettiest babies. Because here at RAMR we want the BEST health and temperaments we can get!

I will only allow the rats to go home in pairs. Weather you have a rat at home or not, due to quarantine procedures and everything else, they will be alone for nearly a month otherwise. There is also no guarantee that your rat(s) at home will accept your new rattie right away, so to stop the new baby from being lonely for the entire time, and to help make introducing to your new rat easier, they will leave here in pairs only.

Rats are VERY social creatures and NEED a companion while you are at work or school, or away from home for the day/night, and they really like a snuggling buddy when they sleep, and a buddy to play and groom.
These rats are born and raised in groups and need that their whole lives. Just because you have more than one does NOT mean that they won't bond with you! They take their humans into their colony and LOVE people when they are raised right, or shown that you love them!

I love all my rats and want to see them go to good, loving homes. To someone who will love and spoil them every bit as much as I do, if not more!

Here at RAMR, I try my hardest not to have too many litters per year, as I do have a lot of pet only rats (rescues, retired breeders, what have you), but I do have 3-4 litters at a time sometimes. I will not produce any litters if I think they will not get the best of my attention, I spend nearly all day, playing with my rats as I do house work, and often I am cleaning house with 2 or 3 of them on my shoulders or in pockets or where ever they decided to chill while I am doing things. Normally RAMR only has about 10 litters a year, sometimes were as high as 30. 9 out of 10 times I will have the parents and grandparents here, sometimes I have great grandparents even. It's not often that I will adopt out retired breeders, but sometimes it's necessary to be able to better the pet rat species, it's difficult to have EVERY rat you have ever kept for breeding.

My cousin had once adopted 8 rats from me (5 girls and 3 boys) and she had kept them separate for a while,  then figured oh they miss their brothers and sisters, so I'll put them back together, she NEVER separated them after that, she later brought me 95 rats (she kept the males and females together) and EVERY rat old enough to be pregnant WAS pregnant, well add that to the 30 I had here of my own, (available babies, and my keepers) plus a couple of litters on the way, I was sky rocketed to over 300 rats. Now can you imagine if I had kept all the rats that I had used for breeding and what came from my cousin? I had to adopt out a lot of my retired loves and my rats from my cousin just to get things under control, but you know, EVERY rat got out of the cage play time, EVERYDAY, and they were spoiled out going babies (EVERY rat went to loving homes, as NO RAMR rat should EVER be found in a pet store). But you see sometimes it is essential to adopt out retired breeders.

For our main diet we feed them:
Barley, Rolled Oats, Peanuts (Roasted & Unsalted)
Freeze dried Apples/Strawberries/Banana/Mango/Raspberries
Dehydrated Bananas (no sugar added), Corn Chex, Rice Chex
Garden Rotini, Granola & Oats with Honey Cereal
Radiatore, Brown Rice Puff Cereal
Red Wheat Puff Cereal, Cinnamon Raisin Granola Cereal,
Yogurt Covered Raisins, Sunflower Seeds (dehulled),
Pumpkin Seeds, Blueberries, Craisins, Split Peas, Lentils

Our diet stays nutritionally sound but we like to switch the ingredients every month (not all at once, but a just a thing here or there. This is the Basic mix)

Our Moms get the same mix as above but with a few extra things added in to get them more nutrients.


This Mixture gives them everything they need, and they really seem to like it, over our other tried mixes. It also gives them Lots of variety.
Along with this mix they also get fresh and/or Frozen Fruits and Veggies, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday they get leftovers from our dinner. Saturdays get a different treat altogether.

To top that off, they get a fresh green salad mix daily. Look on our Food No No's page to find some yummy recipes for your furry friends.

And almost on a daily basis they get whatever we had for lunch, which can vary from Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches to Teriyaki Chicken with Rice.

(Just notes, Rats are OMNIVORES and that means they eat meat and plants, so giving them some meat is NOT going to make them vicious, or anything).

Ahh the makings of RAMR how DO we do it here, you ask? Well sit back and I will tell you allllll about it!

Well we start off in the mornings (various times based on what time we get up, and after the other animals are tended to since there are less of them), the first thing we do of course is say good morning to everybody, then we go around and fill everybody's water bottles and bowls, and refill the food dishes with their mix and sometimes start them out with a freshly chopped salad (ideas for salads can be found on our salads page) then we go back through and make sure that all our rats are happy and in good health, no over night sickly ratties, no signs of anything wrong that sort of thing. After we're satisfied that everything is ok, it's off to make a list of which cages need to be cleaned (I think that giving the rats breakfast is more important then making them skip a meal).
During the day I take a cage out to roam the couch while I am fiddling on my computer, or while I am doing house chores, or what have you, I also travel around with them on my shoulders and such, we go around checking to make sure all the food and water dishes/bottles are still full, if not we refill it (If I didn't give them their salad in the morning I give it to them now). At the end of the day, we make sure they are still going strong and we refill their food and water, then we give them a lil snack and it's off to bed for us. *While taking care of our precious ratties we do incorporate our other animals in.*
Every so often when the kids have a day off we drag out another pool, fill it with toys, and put several cages together (just one gender at a time) and just let them play for an hour or more, then switch genders.

Usually I clean cages once a week, (unless a cage is in need of cleaning) when I clean cages I take the rats out of the cage and put them in a smaller cage (usually with a towel in the bottom) then I dump the bedding into the trash, and knock off any wet bedding, and into the tub we go! In the tub, I spray the cage down with scalding hot water, then spray it down with either hot soapy water or a mixture of Odoban and water, then with a scrubby and sometimes a toothbrush or stiffer brush I scrub every part of the cage, after that it's time for a rinse down again with scalding hot water (which I have gotten some pretty nasty burns from this) then I towel dry it then start on all the toys. Bring it to where it belongs, fill it with bedding, put the toys back in and a full food dish and water bottle/Dish (depending on the cage) *which every other day to at bare minimum once a week, I wash the dishes and bottles in hot soapy water* and then off to the tub again with the rats! We put all our ratties in the tub, and turn the water on, (a nice temp you would use for a baby usually works) I spray them down with the water, plug the tub up, suds em up (with my homemade rat shampoo) and then we get them all nice and dry and fluffy then back to their nice clean cage.

My Ratties get several hours of "out time" a day. During their "Out time" the rats get toys to play with and treats. Plus full a body look over to make sure there's no wounds or anything out of the ordinary. Each rat also gets their own Personal out time to ensure they get the attention they need, where they can crawl around on me or the couch next to me.

Currently I stay at home, so there is lots of time for them, when my roommates 5 kids are home from school that rats have even more out time.
When the rats aren't out and about they getting their lovin's through the bars and kisses with the door open, and lots of attention when we walk by, we almost always stop and giving some love.