An Arizona Rat Breeder Rattie & Mattie's Rattery

An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az

If you want to adopt a rat from us: Please read our entire site.
If you are under the age of 18, please have your parent/guardian contact us, we do NOT sell pet or breeder rats to minors, without first discussing things with your parent/guardian
We are not adopting to breeders, except on the rare occasion.
Not every breeder that contacts us will be approved.
Please no breeders with less then 5 years under their belt.
My Manx and Dwarf are for me only, unless I post on the litter page it is available, please do not ask for them otherwise.

I will not answer any e-mails that are less then a paragraph, asking for manx, asking for dwarf, or asking about breeding rats
. My site is updated with the available rats, as soon as there is something to update.

If you have never adopted rats from us, you MUST fill out a questionnaire.

We may have more questions for you. If you are new to rats please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don't know something, that's one advantage of getting rats from a breeder. Asking questions and getting useful information; I too ask other more experienced breeders about things.

If you have already adopted rats from us, just e-mail us with what you are interested in, we'll be happy to help!

After we get back to you about available rats:

Once it has been decided which rats you are interested in, we will temporarily place any available rats on hold for you. I will hold any rats for you for up to 1 week past the available date. If in that time you decide not to adopt the rats PLEASE let me know as soon as you can, so I can get these lil guys and gals to a new home!
In order to hold any rats, we require a $15.00 non-refundable deposit per rattie.
This deposit will go towards the overall adoption fee of the rats.

We are no longer taking a wait list!
It's First Come, First Approved, First Adopted to.

Arrange a time to pick up your new rat(s)

Babies must be at least 5-8 weeks of age (depending on the litter) at the time you wish to pick them up.
The available date will be listed on each and every litter page.
Please try to plan around that date, there can and will be very few exceptions.

You will be required to sign an adoption contract before taking your new rats home.
If you have adopted from us before, then I will just add that rat to the reverse side of the contract and have you initial it, to state which rats you have added to the family.

We reserve the right at, anytime, to refuse adoption of a rat to anyone.

RAMR Master Manx

Blue Berkshire Down-Under Manx Dumbo
(that in the back is his foot he was stretching)

If you are asking us to meet you somewhere IN town then we ask 5.00 service charge.
Any where outside of town is a minimum of 45.00 to cover the car and gas depending on where we are going. It may be more, we will only travel up to 3 hours away.

I ask that nontoxic bedding be used such as: Aspen, Yesterday's News or something similar.
Bedding such as Cedar and Pine are highly toxic to a small animal's fragile respiratory system. They can cause lung damage and flare up Mycoplasma (Myco), damage the liver and decrease the immune response, which can lead to decreasing our time with our rats.
Sure it may smell good, but would you sacrifice your life just to smell a certain way? I would hope not!
If a rats cage is NOT over crowded and is cleaned properly then your cage won't smell bad, and you won't need to chance their life by using the cheap stuff that will shorten your lil buddies life and cause problems.

I also ask that if a rat is injured or sick, that it be seen by a vet. If you are ill, there is a good chance you will go to the doctor's to get better. Please do the same for your animals! It is every bit as important that they go to the vet, as you go to the doctor.

All good breeders agree on those three requirements (adopt in pairs, use safe bedding, and veterinary care). Also when pets are going to children under 18 years of age, it is still the parents responsibility to see to the rats welfare (well that's really their job anyhow, to make sure they are taken care of!).
It is the parentís responsibility to make sure that the rats are taken out for playtime, given fresh water, and food EVERYDAY, and clean bedding and veterinary care if needed.

I really recommend wire cages for better ventilation vs. aquariums.
Cages like these make it easy to hang hammocks and toys and your rats can better interact with you through the bars. Yes I do use tanks here for my mums and sometimes for my adults. If a tank is used we have mesh lids and the rats spend more time out of the cage then in.

I love all my rats and want to see them go to good, loving homes.
To someone who will love and spoil them every bit as much as I do, if not more!

If you can no longer keep your rat(s) from RAMR then you MUST contact me and let me know and I WILL take them back in.
If I find out that you could no longer keep them and did not contact me, I will fine you with a minimum of 200 dollars per rat, I really DO care about what happens to my babies, I like to know where they are, they're healthy and how happy they are.
Like any breeder should, I CARE about my rats! I created that life and I WILL take responsibility for that until they pass on.

Are you a rat breeder?

Breeders are getting a tough break lately thanks to some bad experiences in the past...

RAMR is rarely adopting to breeders these days. Possibly as many as 2 breeders a year will be allowed to adopt our babies.

However only breeders currently on our wait list will be allowed to adopt babies before 2019.
We're sorry if you don't agree with our decision, but we feel it's the best decision for our rats.