An Arizona Rat Breeder Rattie & Mattie's Rattery

An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az

THIS! YES THIS! Is our Rattery! ^_^
We're always changing cages around. So one week it may be a girls cage, next a boys or a baby cage. It may even be a bunny cage! lol We're also adding all of our past cages to an album in the Photo Gallery. Some cages are still in use, some are not, others have been sold. You never know what cage we will be using from one week to the next.

Currently they are from Top to Bottom:
Girls cage, Boys Cage

Raternity Cages:

Ahhh Our Babies cages, these range in size and type considerably.
The babies are born in totes that have been altered to suit newborn babies and their mum.
After 2 weeks of age they are moved to new cages that are all wire with a solid bottom and multi-leveled.
They stay in these cages until the litters are mixed together and separated by gender. At which point they move into bigger cages like our Rat Manors. It's also our breeding cages that the moms and dads are bred in.