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Dumbo Ears
The Dumbo Gene is a recessive trait,
meaning i
f you breed rats that carry the dumbo gene together then you'll get Dumbos.
The ears are large and round, set low on the sides of the head.
The head is triangular when viewed from above.

Standard Ears
Standard Ears are a Dominant trait.
The ears are set high on the head and relatively smaller then Dumbos,
(Though some standards have larger ears due to selective breeding).
Standard eared rats are the most commonly seen ear type, and are every bit as sweet and cuddly as a Dumbo. The ear does NOT make the rat.

Dumbo Ears
Standard Ears

RAMR Dobby

Cama Prof. Horace Slughorn

RAMR Midget

RAMR nameless


RAMR Nameless

RAMR Okiya

Cama Crazy Train