An Arizona Rat Breeder Rattie & Mattie's Rattery

An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az

The coat is short, smooth, and glossy.
It should show a natural high shine and densely cover the body, males tend to have slightly longer, coarser fur then females.
With straight whiskers.
RAMR Standard
The coat is long, smooth, glossy, and very soft.
It shows a natural high shine, and densely covers the body, no difference between the genders.
With very long straight whiskers.
This coat is unique to RAMR lines.
The coat is evenly dense and rather harsh, with as few guard hairs as possible. Coat should be evenly curled. Curly whiskers are normal for Rex.
Think of a Brillo Pad on a rat as an example of Rex.
Hairless rats should have a thin, rather translucent skin, free of scars, and be as hairless as possible. The skin may be of any color and marking.
Whiskers may be very short, very curly or missing.
Some hairless have fur on their face, ears, feet and tail base.
The fur is very coarse and thin. It will usually grow in and fall out through out the rats life.
Whiskers are tightly curled towards the nose.
The coat is evenly dense, long and very soft, with long guard hairs all over their bodies. Coat should be evenly curled including the belly.
Whiskers are crimped and crazy.
Babies start out coarse and extremely curly, after they molt they will soften up and the curls will relax.
Harley's have very long straight coats, that more often then not stick up on their bodies.
They look and feel like Teddy Bear Hamsters.

The Harley coat is not as dense as standard coats.
Whiskers are slightly bent towards the nose, but can be curled or straight depending on if they are mixed.
You can have Satin Harley, Velveteen Harley, Rex Harley, Regular Harley, as well as what I call "Whatever".

Sadly his fur was smoothed down in this picture, though you can see the length to it, and his mohawk which most Harley's sport.
Satin rats have long thin coats with a lustrous shine to them, the coat is also very fine and silky.
Often shining as though they have glitter or water on their fur.
White on the satin rats tends to be yellowed by this gene.
Whiskers are usually kinky, wavy or curled back towards the eyes, rather then forward like standard coated rats.

Best picture at the moment.
Whatever Fur is something created by RAMR on accident, it is usually long, silky soft, slightly curly fur, that is a mixture of Harley, Satin, Velveteen and Rex.
The Whiskers are Bent but crazy.