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Your Name = Sariah
When did you adopt from us: = March 2013
Your Comment = I have totally loved --and still am-- every minute I get to spend with my girls from you. <3 They are soooo sweet, silly, clever, fun, energetic, and cuddly, all at once! Energetic and cuddly don't usually go together! hehe

Expect me to adopt more from you in the future. Possibly the relatively near future.... lol

Your Name = Amy, Camarattery

When did you adopt from us: = 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. So 4 seperate times.

Your Comment = I have been working with the RAMR lines since March of 06 and had nothing but the best success with every one of them. So much so that I embrace them as I do my own lines. I know that I can trust them without any doubt.
Amanda's attention to the health, temperament and type in her animals really shows through with every generation. The colors are true, the coat is soft and the size of the animals is impressive.
I am a very happy adopter of RAMR rats!

Name = Shawna

When did you adopt from us: = December 2009.

Both girls are doing great! They're active and love playing.

Your Name = Jennifer

When did you adopt from us: = July 2010

The babies are settling in great!  We renamed them Emma (Charlotte) and Anya (Joy).  They are the sweetest little things!  Anya is super hyper and Emma likes to just hang out with you, though she can definitely get hyper too.  They are so much fun to play with and they are really licky!  Thank you so much for raising some sweet little babies. 

Your Name = Beth

When did you adopt from us: = July 2010

Aedan is being a bit braver in these new surroundings, but they are both having a lot of fun running and climbing around their cage.  They are eating and drinking perfectly, and they LOVE the octopus dome thing on the third level.  This weekend I'll probably start letting them roam my room (which is rat proofed of course!).  I have a bed that folds up, so it creates the perfect space.  
Amanda, they are sooooo cute and sweet!  Like you said, they are very licky and clingy.

Your Name = Brandi
When did you adopt from us: = Nov. 2012
Your Comment = My family adopted a trio of little boys. They are the sweetest little guys! They RUN to the bars whenever you come anywhere near them, they love to have out of the cage time, they are crazy full of energy, but when you take them out, they just settle in for their love. They love to be petted and rubbed, snuggled, and talked to. When they get their fresh food (bowl of fruit, veggies, small amount of leftovers) at night, they only eat when you've walked away. They'd rather get pets and love than food. They take treats from your hand, they have never bitten, but they do nibble gently while they kiss and groom you. When I'm tiding up the cage, they will grab and pull my shirt to get my attention. It takes forever to tidy up in there because I'm too busy playing with them to work. They are taking to the litter box well...I could go on and on. I have had many many rescues and don't mind special needs rats. They are well worth the time. I have to say, though, that having well tamed, handled, loving ratties right off the bat is wonderful. I am now looking to adopt some girlies from this ratterie. They are hands down the most well cared for and loved rats I have ever adopted.

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