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An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az

Tailless rats may be shown in any recognized color, marking, or variety. The distinct feature is the complete absence of a tail. Tailless rats may have a cobbier body and will have a rounded rump. Disqualifications: a small tail appendage or tail formation at the base of the body; any evidence of physical abnormality due to being Tailless, e.g. difficulty walking or climbing, skeletal problems, etc.
Breeders Now-a-days though have been working hard to limit these "deformities" so that we have healthy happy "normal" ratties.

I have been Breeding Manx rats here since 2005 when I first Imported them from OFR *Odd Fellows Rattery* I have since Exported and Imported new tailless lines to help other breeders such as myself to keep the deformaties at a minimum. I have yet to have any unsound manx rats born here. all have been show quality tailless butts. ^__^

These are SOME of our Manx rats but NOT ALL of them.
Most of them have been down-under but not all, and some have even been dwarf and dumbo!