An Arizona Rat Breeder Rattie & Mattie's Rattery

An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az


This is our questionnaire, there's not much to it as you can see, and Best thing is.... It only take a few simple minutes to fill out! ^_^

If you are under 18 years of age and/or still living with your parents/guardians please have them fill out the questionnaire.

Questionnaires asking for only one rat will be ignored, to find out why read my adoption information pages.

We are not adopting to breeders until 2016, please do not ask.

If you currently own rats:*What type of cage do your rats live in?
Wire (Martins-type)
Home made bookshelf-type cage
*What Kind Of Bedding, are you using or Planning on using?
Yesterday's News or similar type of recycled paper bedding
Aspen Shavings
Corn Cob
Towels/Other Cloth
*How often do your rats get out to free-range or interact with you?
1-3 nights a week
1-3 hours a night
They're free range all the time

* Are you looking for rats for:
Pet Only

*Do you prefer:
Rat - Standard
Rat - Hairless
Rat - Rex
Rat - Double-Rex
Rat - Velveteen
Chinchilla - Standard Grey
Chinchilla - Ebony
Chinchilla - White