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An Arizona Fancy Rat Breeder
Located in Bullhead City, Az

This is not an option until after 2016

My preferences on whom I ship to: I prefer only to ship to breeders, if there are breeders getting a shipment, I will happily put some in for adopters, ONLY if a breeder is already doing a shipment.  Breeders at times need help because they need new blood and/or do not have certain types of rats in their state. This also allows pet owners to obtain good quality rats from breeders in their states, once they have them. My rattery is not large enough to accommodate shipping to everyone who asks. For the most part I only do 2 to 3 litters a month *if that*, I can only ship to a select few and I choose to limit that to breeders only.

Reserving a rat: If you see future babies from one of my planned litters please let me know, I cannot hurry up and pack up my next available litter and ship it to you, these things take time and patience. If you are interested in the one or more of the future planned litters please e-mail me and tell me what you are looking for. I will NEVER ship just one rat or under 4 rats, the time and effort in putting together a shipment is NOT worth it.

Shipping: This is only done legally through airlines. It can be very expensive to do! If you would like rats shipped you will need to contact me about it. All the shipping costs (transportation, shipping crate and airport fees) will have to be paid by you as well as the cost of the animals and their health checks (Continental does not require health checks but if you want that done you can pay for it). Shipping animals is a very lengthy and time consuming process. This is because of the amount of time it takes to get shipping arrangements made. I will require a $60 deposit for shipping plans; this will cover the shipping crate and my gas. This deposit will not be returned if you change your mind on getting the animals. This is because the cost and planning is a very long and intensive costly process. If I am unable to ship the animals at my own fault the deposit will be returned. Shipping will be done from the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport (LAS), and I will only ship during safe weather conditions. Continental does ship via cargo and the environment for the rats is barely climate controlled! So we have to watch our dates!!

Payment: I accept money orders and paypal. I only accept money orders if they are cleared before the animal(s) is placed with you and/or shipped to you. If you have questions let me know. All Money must be paid before rats are shipped

Contract: All of my rats will go with my contract. If you are getting your rats shipped, I just ask that you print and sign my contract and send it to me before I ship the rats to you.

Rat age and requirements: I will only ship a rat at 6 weeks of age and older. Rats younger than that do not stand a chance of surviving the trip. However, due to situations outside my control, I cannot guarantee the animal's health condition when they arrive at their final destination. I request that the buyer contacts me via phone or email about the condition of the animals as soon as they get home.
This is for my peace of mind, as each rat is special and has been raised with love in my home!

Pedigrees: I will give you a pedigree for all of the rats you requested. All of my rats have pedigrees and it is only right that you get them from me. Also all of my rats are registered through NARR so you can get even longer pedigrees for your records on the NARR site.

Costs: I ship Via Continental Air Lines. The cost of the flight (as per Continental) in 2012 is $183.13. However Continental allows only 9 lbs of weight for that price. Rats are shipped around 5-8 weeks-old, up to 8-10 youngsters fit in one box under 9 lbs. The cost of the flight increases to $75 more when the weight goes over 9lb (10 to 50lbs). After that it may (will) require another crate, which is an additional $30. E-mail me for an estimate on larger shipments of 9 lbs or more.

Also I may have to adjust pricing if the airlines adjust theirs at any time. But I will let you know ahead of time should that be an issue. I do require that you send the entire shipping amount and total for the animals before I ship. I will e-mail you with confirmation that I got your money and again when the check clears. At that time I will work with you on a shipping date and I will get the flight arranged.

After I ship: I do require that you call me as soon as you get them home! And I want to be updated on their health while in quarantine. I would also like to be updated through out the life of the animal(s). I like to keep in contact with my adopter's, whether in state or out of state.

Continental cargo for shipping live animals phone # 1-800-575-3335
If you are from out of the Country and need to know International shipping rates, please call the above number to find out before contacting us. It is up to you to research if your Country allows shipping from the U.S and the costs involved with that. We will not do that research for you.

So we have the prices as such:
Airline ticket: 183.13
Airline Approved Carrier: 34.88 + s&h = 43.00
      If you are adopting males and females you need to have a divider... those are 4.91 add that to the carrier total = 47.91
Gas to travel to the airport: 50.00
Totaling out to: 289.00 - 293.91
Then there is the adoption fee of the rats...

And NONE of these totals include a fee for my time and energy that I have to put into traveling and planning and caring for the rats and the shipment, nor the work that is done to the carrier to make it rat safe, the bedding that goes into it, the food, the fruit, ect. (We don't charge a fee for all that but still. There is a LOT that goes into shipping rats, so don't inquire about wanting a shipment unless you are serious.)

We usually give a discount on the adoption fee of the rats depending on how many you adopt.
The adoption fee of the rats is NON-REFUNDABLE, unless we do not ship the rats due to something on my part. If it is your fault you will not get it back. The shipping fee (however much you have paid in advanced) WILL be returned to you regardless of who's fault.