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Can Rats Play with these?

Ahhh the age old question of what kind of toys can be used for rats, well look no further! Here I will give you some great ideas, and let your creativity out!


Rats actually get quiet a bit of fun out of hammocks, they play in them, hang from them, if placed right they will jump from one to the other, and all kinds of other things, plus they are snugly places to sleep.

A few places to get them is a pet store...
But why over pay for something poorly made?

Try the quality hammocks from Either:

Rat Happy


SMS Rattery

Wood Toys
Despite what others have said wood toys are JUST FINE to use for wearing teeth down and fighting boredom.
We use things here like. They also LOVE Cardboard! Toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, soda boxes, etc... Just think will the rats enjoy this? And give it a try!! (We'll sometimes stuff our toilet paper and paper towel tubes with hay. They have a blast!) (yes we're aware that the last image is just hanging toys)

Now these have a lot of varying opinions, I'll give you a few here:
These wheels have been known to topple over on rats running past it and on it. They also don't allow the rats urine or feces to leave the wheels while the rat is running and it gets dirty horribly fast. The rats also chew on these making them very UNSAFE as well.

While these wheels here so far have been great to my knowledge, it's difficult for more then one rat to run on it at the same time as they LOVE to do.

These Mesh wheels though are my favorite and wheel of choice here at RAMR.
They allow urine and feces to fall away on both sides, and through it, their easy to clean, which is a major plus when you have hundreds of toys to clean each week. Allow multiple rats to use it at the same time depending on how many will go in there at once (we usually have 1-4 in them at any given time, depending on ages and rat and wheel size).

Huts, Igloos and House
Yes I have these in the toys section because the rats use them for playing more then they do sleeping.
Here I am going to put some of our favorite houses, and a lil bit of insight of what I have learned by having them.

These are Relatively cheap and safe for your furry friend, however after a bit of use become flimsy and beyond safe to use, as the rats will undoubtedly chew it up and use it to relieve themselves at times. So you pretty much need to keep buying them to ensure they are not a dampener on your pets health. Other then that, Rats LOVE them, and will roll it around where they want and also give you antics to laugh about with them.

Great but gross.
These wood toys soak in the urine, and the smell and after a while are nasty additions to the cage, before they get to that stage though, rats LOVE to stuff as much as they can in the doorway, and sleep curled up in the middle, they also make excellent chewies (meaning something for them to chew on).

Ahh the Waffle House!
These are excellent homes. You can see through them while giving your pet the privacy feeling they want. And they last forever! I have avid chewers and my waffle homes have lasted me 6-7 years. Rats can chew on them, and play in them and they are secure homes, that aren't easy to topple. For cleaning time just pull the pieces apart clean, dry, put it back together (super easy task) and replace in your ratties cage.

These houses are great fun for the rats and add a splash of color.
However they bleed emensly and after a few good chews and washes they fall apart easily. >_< Leaving you with multicolored rats, and no hideaway for them..

The igloo pictured below is the giant, it is the largest of the igloos and one of my favorites for my rats pool. and the girls cage.
The other cages have the smaller igloos that are just as nice and last just as long as well (some of my current igloos have lasted me 6 years and 8 years, and barely look used even though they have always been in a cage since I got them). Great for rattie games of tag, and hide and go seek as well.

This toy I have only used one time and that was a brief time at that, It came in and left with some rescues.
In the time I had it though, it was a great hideout for the rats, and they seemed to enjoy chewing it to bits, as do most rats love to do with colorful wooden objects. ^_^

This home however I do NOT suggest...
In the time I had it, it constantly toppled under the weights of various rats walking across it.
They did however enjoy chewing it, after I placed it on it's side, it was not a good home but a good chew toy.
My rabbits also had a home similar to this (bigger sized then the rats) and it too toppled easily)